Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bunny Timer

There you have it - a timer shaped like a bunny! It's a new one, my old one (shaped like a bear) went a little haywire; it kept beeping constantly even when we never used it.

When I'm choosing something (eg: clothes, notebooks), I'll always take the one that's bunny-related. :)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

My New Crazy Dessert

After lunch, I usually eat a mouthful of ice-cream, or Kinder Bueno (if it's present in our fridge), or sometimes if I've baked a cake during weekends, I have a small slice of that as dessert.

Just yesterday, I found a new sweeeeet! something to fufill my tastebuds. It's really crazy, really... It doesn't look much promising... Well, that something is:

A tiny cup of milk + a small scraping from a coconut sugar block

First, you dump the coconut sugar into the milk. Next, stir it up. Most of the sugar won't melt of course, since it's scraped from a block. Then, I just drink the milk bit by bit as I eat the sugar block. I do not have a sweet tooth, I have sweet teeth.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cuteness - The Best Weapon

Last Tuesday, about 6:30 in the evening after dinner, I placed Jippie back into his cage, dragged out the steam cleaner and steam-cleaned his area. He looked at me with utmost cuteness - he still wanted vegetables.

"Pweeeaseee? Just one more?"

I gave up ignoring his cutie face and put down the steam cleaner. I went to take a bok choy leaf for him. Jippie ate it and ... resumed his begging-for-more standing pose.

"Hey, you already had your evening portion! You even got a bonus! That's enough. Eat hay? Good Jippie rabbit?"I told him. (Though accurately I said: 嘿,你晚上的菜吃了,还给你一片小白菜了耶。够了啦。去吃hay啦,Good Jippie啦。。。Good Jippie rabbit 的~)

Jippie ignored me and continued to stare at me, his eyes sparkling.

After cleaning his area, I opened his cage door to let him out. But he did not hop out. Instead - 

"I want food. No food, no hop out."

I guess he thinks I'm going to give him more vegetables by staying in the cage because he always gets a strand when I put him in for the night. 

"Hey, Jip. No more. No more vegetables,"I said, flipping my hands.

He continued to stand where he was. His ears spread out, increasing his hypnotizingly-cute-o-meter.

As a fellow bunny hoomin, you probably know what happens in the end: Jippie got another Bok Choy leaf.

Moth - with a teensy spot of orange

Okay, this insect is just a moth  - but I've never seen a moth with this pattern. :P
I had to stand on a chair to get this photo, he.

Today, I saw three never-seen-before butterflies fluttering across our garden. Well, they fluttered across, so I couldn't take any photos. Well, better luck next time!

Today, I also saw ... God, this was pretty shocking ... Guess what?

About 20 sparrows was hopping about on our grass patch. They were spread out and it was just - shocking. TWENTY SPARROWS! 

Previously, I had only seen at most seven sparrows, Oh, it was a pity I didn't take a picture. My camera's battery was flat, my handphone's camera couldn't zoom in that far (we were inside our house)... Arghh, I forgotten about our iPad! The photo taken may be a bit blur-ish though ... but who cares?! This is an extraordinary event (to me)!

We occasionally give birds in our area bread, and almost daily, rice - so I guess that's the reasons birds like crows, mynas, sparrows and the Asian Glossy Starling kept coming back. Oh, there's also our humongous willow tree - small birds like sparrows and hummingbirds like perching there.

Recently, there's a new type of bird coming to the tree. It flies like a hummingbird, and it's kind of black and its head/tail is red... I've been googling for it, but can't find any exact results. The most similar bird is the robin, but the red-headed robins in Google Images look nothing like what I saw.

Anyhow, I hope to shoot the bird - with my camera, of course. But I don't think it's possible to get within 1 metre of a bird and expect it to not fly away, right?