Friday, 22 August 2014

Jippie, The Runner Eater

After a year of planting ... our spider plants finally grew runners to reproduce. There were even flowers! So glad I have a mobile phone with an excellent camera.


All of the runners escaped the all-plant eater, Little Ruppie (yes, this is a new nickname for Jippie :P) but alas, one of them got eaten today. 

I went to put away a plastic bag, turned around and saw the runner in Jippie's mouth. All happened in less than 3 seconds.

Jippie wanting to eat the remaining part of the runner

See where he bit it?

Jippie acting innocent: "What runner? Nope, didn't see any."

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Orange Butterfly

Saw this fella on our willow tree. He/she is pretty high up! I had to stand on a chair to get this photo! Finally, I got a photo of an orange butterfly. I've seen some flutter around for quite a while, but they didn't stop and rest, so I couldn't take a pic then. Now, however ... Yay for me! :D

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bunny Tote Bag ... And More Window Shopping

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and I saw ... another bunny thing.

One of the first thing new hoomin bunny slaves notice once a rabbit enters their lives is that their grocery list begins to change quite rapidly.
Suddenly, your trips to the farmer's market and local grocery store become more frequent and your bags heavier with delicious veggies and treats that you dare not return home without.
Let everyone at your market, store, or class know just how bunny whipped you are!

Ahhh!!! It's a tote bag with a cute rabbit, along with a cute little list with 'lettuce' spelled in a wrong cute, bunny way! 

Well, the appearance of a bunny tote bag reminded me of another Etsy shop: Bunny Diary.

More things from Bunny Diary: 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Lies You Told Me

‘I do not know what you have been told about your mother. But I know it cannot be the truth…’ 

Klara Mortimer never really knew her mother, Sadie, a former model, who left when she was just six years old. All she has is a handful of stories, passed down from the father who raised her. Klara tells herself she has long ago come to terms with her mother’s disappearance from her life, but then she receives a note and key from someone who calls themselves ‘N.R.’. These lead her to a garage, full of the remnants of her mother’s past, and to the diary she kept all those years ago. Within its pages, Klara discovers a woman who doesn’t quite match the portrait her father has painstakingly painted for her, and a story that leads her to question everything she thought she knew…

Mm hmm. I'm interested in this kind of books: the main character unlocking mysteries and unveiling secrets, and the whole thing starting/involving a letter. But still, somehow, The Lies You Told Me disappointed me a bit.

Hmm, I'll talk about the good parts first.

1. I'm intrigued by the young Sadie. She's a little reckless, like a lot of young adults. She left home for London, wanting to make her dream of becoming a model a reality. Sadie's story is told through a diary, written by Sadie herself. 

One of the accounts in her diary told how she disliked her parents. In my opinion, her mother is somewhat okay. Oh, but her father... At one point, I wanted to stick my hand into the book and strangle him. He must have an anger control issue. The way he punishes Sadie (no abusing involve, if you're wondering) is, in my opinion, wrong.

2. The story went straight to topic in Chapter One. I like that; no beating around the bushes and causing lost of interest. Klara received the letter from 'N.R' on page 6 or 7, if I did not remember wrong. 

Right, the parts I didn't like:

1. Seriously, who proofread the book? There were at least 7 punctuation/word mistakes. They were very obvious. This makes the book appear unprofessional.

2. The adult Sadie. This is purely personal opinion. I just don't like reading book characters going insane or doing stupid things because of love. Sadie was head over heels over her boss, Archie, who is apparently charming but a complete jerk. A series of events mainly caused by evil, cruel Archie made Sadie almost mad. But she still loved him like crazy though she has a good husband and a daughter. Fuming, I was, when I read on and found out Sadie was seeing Archie even after she got married and had Klara. Eh... anyway, well, Archie died and that was the breaking point for Sadie. Poor Henry (Sadie's husband, who loved her to bits) and Klara.

3. Throughout the book, Klara had kept the letter and everything she researched about her mother a secret from her husband, Mark. Okay, fine, she didn't know how to tell Mark about the whole thing, quite understandable. But it gets irritating when the reader is constantly reminded how Klara feels guilty.

4. There were a few parts that I personally think aren't quite logic. There was one where Klara went to Sadie's old home to see the current owner. The reader knows Klara is genuine and stuff, but in the story, I don't understand why the current owner would just let Klara into her house, show her house document thingies, and practically telling her more than what is needed.

5. The last few chapters. One of the chapters involve Klara summoning everyone important to the garage she got her first 'clue' from and showing them her conclusion after days of mystery-solving misery. Eh... I don't know why she needs to do that. And even if she does, why did she stick everything she found (eg: photocopied pages of Sadie's diary) onto a board, as if exhibiting?

6. The epilogue. Okay, I love that there was an epilogue specially written to reveal how Archie died. However, erm, I still did not understand how Archie died. Sadie (who was at that time, pretty close to insanity) wanted to kill Archie business partner and on-again-off-again lover, Coco. So, she planned to set fire to Coco's house at night. This comes the weird part: Archie left Coco and boarded a cab already in the evening, how the heck did he pop into Coco's house at night, when Sadie carried out her evil plot? Well, that's how Archie died, anyway.

Overall, The Lies You Told Me is a more-than-just-acceptable standard kind of story. It's not the type of book where you're like: OH MY GOD. *immediately googles author and checks out more books by him/her* But, it's acceptable and fairly good. 

Still ... if I knew how the entire book went, I would choose to wait and purchase it during a book sale rather than pay the original cost.