Monday, 15 December 2014

Precious Box

Both yesterday and today, Little Jup looked glum. He had a squashy kind of look on his face and he wasn't reacting to our 'treat calls' as excited as usual. Jippie did eat and poop normally, but living with him for almost three years, us hoomins knew there was definitely something wrong.

Our guess for the reason: he lost his precious cardboard box.

The box was often used as a table; we place some vegetables on the top and Jippie would stand on his hind legs to get it. It was used as a hiding place for both treats and sometimes, Jippie himself.

Jippie checking things out from high above

Jippie standing on top of the box.

However, we discarded the box last Saturday because Juppie-wup produced a large pool of urine which ... flowed on and wetted the box.

Well, Jippie must have disapproved of our act. If Jippie was a human, he would probably be sighing and shaking his head, frustrated over the treasured item now lost.

Currently, we aren't able to find a suitable box anywhere in the house. Therefore, we did the only thing we were able to do:

We gave the box back to Jippie.

The box wasn't exactly thrown away, we just flattened it out and placed it with several other to-be-recycled items. :)

After he had a treat (a small piece of apple), he sniffed his box thoroughly, and - finally satisfied that everything was in its proper place - he flopped and groomed himself contentedly, with a 'ahhh...' comfortable kind of expression. 

Silly bunny. :P ... Anyhow, never again us hoomins would be throwing a box before a replacement was available. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Stories is a collection of amusing happenings or memorable events in my bunnies' lives. I decided to write them down and post relevant pictures taken during those times. I want to put these memories into words, to better remember and experience them once more.

And of course, to share them with you. I hope they bring up silly, happy memories of your own bunny(s) and a smile on your face. :)

Dutchie and Millie's First Litter Box

- This story took place around June 2011 - 

I've forgotten exactly where I got this piece of information, but I remember it stating that a broom dustpan can be used as a rabbit litter box.

For some reason, we trusted the info without much question. (Perhaps it was reading something about litter boxes sold in pet shops causing sore hocks, back then.)

Placing the litter box/broom dustpan at a corner as suggested by various articles, we waited eagerly for our bunnies to use it. I was ready to expect an unused litter box though; both Dutchie and Millie were still young buns.

Millie used the litter box several times. She still preferred to urinate at random spots. We were perfectly cool and fine with that; Millie just needed time. :)

Millie checking out the litter box area

Millie grooming herself 

Dutchie, however, took us by surprise! He urinated in the litter box almost every time once it was placed there. It was as if he has this strong instinct in him to use 'proper bathrooms'. He was a natural. Till now, we still joke about Dutchie being a 'born royal'...

Dutchie's first bunny flop, behind the litter box. 
This photo was taken three days after the two bunnies came to our home.  Dutchie scared us all at that moment! We did read about bunnies flopping when they're relax but still ... the first thing we did was check whether or not he was breathing.

Baby Dutchie

Dutchie and Millie

Once or twice a lizard hid among the litter (=newspaper) we placed. I screamed like mad when I saw it; I'm afraid of reptiles. You know, I think lizards are somehow ... attracted to bunny poop, because whenever a large number of poop scatters around the bunny area (due to the bunnies being super productive or me sweeping less times that day), a lizard tends to pop up. *shudder* 

Eventually, we stopped using the broom dustpan because not only it was rather messy (the shredded newspaper), it wasn't used by a certain furry anymore. At one point, Dutchie decided that the newspaper placed in front of his cage was a better spot to urinate. He consistently urinated there for a month or two afterwards. We had to place sheet after sheet of newspaper each time he did his business, only clearing the thick layer of newspaper accumulated at the end of the day. Oh, it was crazy!

Millie eating hay from the metal ball;
where Dutchie is standing is his to-be favorite area.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hay Ball

On the same day of visiting Kinokuniya in Singapore, we also went to a pet shop and bought a metal hay ball for Jippie. Jippie has been using a toothbrush-holder-turn-hay-holder since he was a baby; there should be a change. :)

As I grabbed a handful of hay, the ball was placed on the floor for Jippie to check out. He threw the object several times and looked at us, as if asking, "What the heck is this suppose to do?"

After I hung the ball properly, Jippie hopped towards it and started eating the hay! I swear there was a sparkle in his eyes. 

Jippie eating from the hay ball for the first time!

I guess sometimes, bunnies need motivation too. Jippie has always been a keen hay eater, but once the ball was introduced, he ate almost double the usual amount of hay. Also, he groomed himself while flopping more frequently - something he only does when he's very contented. :)

Like all bunny hoomins, we're so happy that our prince loves the present we gave him! It's not Little Jup's birthday, but that doesn't restrict us hoomins from giving extra love, right? ;)

Video of Jippie eating from the hay ball: