Thursday, 16 October 2014

600 Hundred Likes ... Reached?

For the past three days, I had been taking a short break off Facebook and my blog. And today, when I logged into Facebook, I was shocked by my notifications, like this: o_____o
As I don't have much friends on Facebook, the large number really, really shocked me.

At first, I thought they were notifications about comments (a person replied a not-very-nice thing to me last week, so I thought there were crazy people backing him/her up). Super relieved when I saw the whole stretch of it were all bunny notifications. :)

Then, I switched from my profile account to the Bunny Cottage page. The right column had this number: 210.

My first reaction: WUH? 

Then, I looked at the left column showing the total number of page likes: 621.

I stared at the number and blinked several times before believing it. An addition of 210 likes probably isn't much to a celebrity or some kind of entertainment meme page, but to me, it's seriously something that needs to be OMGed about.

When I first started my blog's Facebook page, for some reason I don't even know myself, I kept stressing on the Page Likes thing. In the end, I wasn't enjoying myself. The blog and page became more like a tedious job rather than my favourite thing to do. After a few months only I slowed down and relax. 

Though I'm not stressing on Page Likes now, a sudden addition of 210 still is delightful and motivating. Love you all bunny people. <3

Short epilogue:

*logins to Facebook after dinner (15 minutes)*
*sees Page Likes shot up even more*

Jippie: Oi, hoomin! Bring me vegetables! You looks like an idiot!

In case you're wondering  what I have been doing when I'm using my laptop during the three-day break (I sound a little narcissistic here, don't I?), I had been on the Pottermore website (oh yes, Imma Harry Potter fan!!), reading Wikipedia (I have a weird tendency to read random things during my extra-free time)  and listening to MJ's music (something I haven't done in like, a few years. I have so forgotten how awesome the songs are!).

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Grumpy Bunny

Prince Jippie is in a bad mood today.

And I think a teensy part is caused by us hoomin slaves...

"Shut up! It is yous all doopid hoomins faults! ALL! ALLLLLL!"

It all started with Prince Jippie's late breakfast. We hoomins woke up late. In my case, it was due to being itched awake many times last night by multiple mosquito bites! For some reason, I'm always #1 on the Yummy Human Blood List.

Prince Jippie, with his empty hay hanger and bowl, was not at all happy to see us. He threw his hay hanger while we were opening the cage door.

After giving the morning pellets and vegetables, and placing a handful of hay into his hay hanger, I started cleaning out his cage tray. Jippie was definitely showing his dissatisfaction right here -

Bunny Jippie: *urinates a large pool of urine*
Hoomin me: *places a newspaper on top of urine*
Bunny Jippie: *urinates another large pool of urine on top of newspaper*
Hoomin me: *bulges eyes in disbelief and places another newspaper*
Bunny Jippie: *turns back on hoomin with bum near hoomin's leg; urinates a third pool of urine*
Hoomin me: ... You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?

Throughout the day and afternoon, Jippie didn't eat much hay. He looked really sulky. At noon, I fed him hay strand by strand. Then, I fed him (using a spoon) water. After lapping up a teaspoon, Jippie had a sudden instinct to drink from his water bowl by himself. He ate more hay afterwards.

He is eating his hay normally again now (evening). Well, I think all he wanted was some compensation. I gave him a piece of pear that he seemed to have been craving since yesterday. The pears we bought recently are very sweet.

And after that, as mentioned above, he returned to his normal hay-eating routine. His eyes were back to the usual cheekiness too.

Mm hmm. That's royal bunnies for you.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Dutchie Digging Newspaper

I am slowly organizing the hundreds of bunny videos recorded. *chuckles at large number* Here is a video of Dutchie digging newspaper in his litter box. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo @ Johor Bahru City Square

I started reading Doraemon comics when I was seven. Now, I have bought every book in the series. All of them wrapped in plastic film and placed on my bookshelf. Ha! And though I'm kinda too old for that ... I still watch the anime episodes every Saturday and Sunday.

Currently at City Square, there's a Doraemon Expo! Okay, I'm not a crazy fan but it's still something I like! How could I not go?

The first two things encountered were the Anywhere Door and a yellow Doraemon. Then -

Lots of Doraemon.

More Doraemon.

Many, many Doraemon.

Each having a different expression and holding a different gadget.

Afterwards -
The Time Machine (时光机) - travel to the future!

Next, there were statues of Doraemon and large boards about his life before living with Nobita (=future). One of them:

Then, then, then - there were loads of statues where you can pose sillily  creatively with the characters and gadgets such as the Air Cannon (空气炮) and Shrink Ray (缩小灯).

Mm hmm. Giant's horrible singing.

See Nobita's room back there? There's a hole behind where you can climb and "emerge" from the drawer.

The tickets. Yellow for child and blue for adult.

My new key chain. :)

We also bought two Doraemon mugs.
The key chain actually come in pairs; my sister chose the yellow one, so I took the blue one.

To those who have grown up reading Doraemon, and have all wished they had the secret gadgets Doraemon during difficult times, the expo is definitely worth a visit!