Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New Visitor

My dad recently taken up a new hobby: gardening. It's not exactly new, but it's the first time he seriously took care of the plants he bought. Previously, me and my mum were the ones taking care of the bought-on-impulse plants.

Now that our garden have more plants, more butterflies would come visit! There's the usual small, greyish-with-orange-spots butterfly, but their numbers have increased. Yesterday, I saw this medium-sized one on our willow tree - wow, I've never seen a butterfly like this in real life before!

This butterfly probably isn't a rare species, but the chances of seeing a butterfly like this to me are. 

Under the cool shade of this willow tree rests Dutchie. A month has went by, yet none a day where I had not think of him has passed. But sadness has certainly been replaced, bit by bit, by happiness from the memories with him.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Jippie's Vet Visit

Last Saturday, Little Jup was whisked away to the vet's because he had watery eyes. Only his left eye was watery at first, but then both of them became wet - we didn't want to take any chances although Jippie was eating and pooping normally. 

When we went to the vet's, she thought it was Dutchie again; he had frequent vet visits for the past few months before he passed away.

A general checkup was performed. Jippie is in good health; the vet even emphasized how well the fur on his splayed leg looked. Since Jippie's nose was perfectly dry, she prescribed an eyedrop only.

When we talked about Dutchie, the vet said that perhaps it was caused by an unknown abscess, because if a bunny had respiratory problems, he or she would surely have a runny nose, but Dutchie's nose was dry, even during the last few hours... Only a necropsy could prove what disease caused this. But other than the fact that it's been two weeks, we just...couldn't bear to let his little furry body undergo such procedure. 

Well, at least Dutchie is free from the pain and suffering now. He's probably gobbling down veggies with Millie and all the other lovely bunnies up there.

On Jippie, both of his eyes became normal again after three days. :) Just a little side note, Juppie-wup was such a good boy at the vet's! Jippie is easily nervous when in close contact (carrying, holding tightly) with humans, but he did okay. He even ate the hay we bought right there after he got his nails cut (they were a teensy long). The funniest part was when a vet trainee offered one strand of hay to him, Jippie ignored her and instead chose the strand of hay I was holding! He knows his humans. :P

Tis is my best hooman slave. I know nots if that hooman hand is clean or not.

We still miss Dutchie a lot. Especially when we're cutting fresh fruits and lounging in the living room. Dutchie would always be present. Still, though he is no longer physically around, he's still present, in a different way -  in our minds and memories.

Looking at my blog, computer folders and so many other things, it's still hard, life without Dutchie. Whenever there's Dutchie, there's Jippie. And whenever there's Jippie, there's Dutchie...

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

At Rainbow Bridge - Dutchie the King

At Rainbow Bridge
Name: Dutchie
Nicknames: Chie-chie, Dutchie-dutch, more...
Date of Arrival (at our place): 11th June 2011
Weight: About 3 kg
Personality: Open-hearted, greedy, clumsy, outgoing.
Likes: Food, pets from hoomans, going outdoors.
Dislikes: No food, water, less pets from hoomans.

Dutchie was bought by us, along with another bunny, Millie, at a pet shop. Before we named him officially, I have been calling him 'Dutchie' as he was (almost) a Dutch rabbit. We decided to use 'Dutchie' because it ends with an 'i' and 'e', same as our first bunny, Hoppie.

Millie and Dutchie noming on Alfalfa

Dutchie and Millie were really great friends, They would groom each other and snuggle together. Perhaps they were of opposite gender? So they naturally get along? Well, I don't know - but it ain't important anyway. As long as they get along, nothing matters.

When Millie passed away three weeks later, Dutchie became down and depressed. He wouldn't eat his Timothy hay or drink much. The only thing he would eat is Alfalfa hay, but we couldn't give him too much. The more he eats the Alfalfa hay, the more he's not going to eat the Timothy. Well, we got over that obstacle anyway after two vet visits (one was a terrible experience), some logic-guessing, and a series of dilemma.

Dutchie checking out Jippie

On 20th March 2012, we brought Jippie home. Dutchie was a really good rabbit, I have to say. He was okay with Jippie taking part of his territory, and is overall, quite friendly with him - though he's not okay when Jippie nibbles him or sniffs his tail.

Dutchie crossed over Rainbow Bridge on 15/06/2014 due to (what we believe is) respiratory problems. We spent the last few hours with him. Dutchie's final facial expression was calm and peaceful, as if he's sleeping bunny flop-like.

We love and miss him very, very much. Memories of Dutchie will always stay with us.

Love you, Little chie-chie.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Messy Eater

His royal majesty, Dutchie the King's, apple-hay eating routine:

1. Nomming on apple-hay in bowl and gradually moving backwards (because he kept pulling the bowl too near to himself).

2. ... Unavoidably getting a brownish nose and occasionally, a dirtied neck.

3. Throwing the bowl and strewing apple-hay all over the floor. (Dutchie does Step 3 first instead of Step 1 sometimes...)
"Haha!" *throws bowl* "Mmm... nom nom nom... Have a problem?"

"Mmm... nom nom nom... Have a problem?"

Apple-hay is simply powdered hay us hoomans obtained from the bottom of Dutchie's and Jippie's Oxbow Timothy Hay/Orchard Grass pack, mixed with crushed apple. :3 

Currently, Dutchie is showing some small improvements. He would pull and eat a bite or two of Beh and Yo's Show Hay: Gold Class Timothy hay every day. 

... However, I really cannot understand why Dutchie would rather consume Show Hay than his original Oxbow's hay. The Timothy hay in Show Hay mostly compose of the golden, thicker , harder ones found in Oxbow's Timothy hay - which Dutchie, since young, often hates. :/